Common Myths of Motor Oil

Myths You’ve Been Told About Your Car’s Oil

If you own a vehicle or know anything about cars, you’ve probably heard a lot of different things regarding motor oil. While many of them sound like they could be true, many are not.

Myths are everywhere, and it’s difficult to pinpoint where they originated from. However, we’re here to dispel some of the common myths you’ve been told about your car’s motor oil.

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Oil Additives Improve Engine Performance

Additives come in a variety of forms. While some eliminate carbon deposits from your engine so that they can be disposed of with your next oil change, other additives help with lubrication. Others alter the oil’s viscosity such that it does not change significantly under increased pressures.

Most additives are included in your car’s motor oil, and adding more of them isn’t going to help increase engine performance. In most instances, opting for motor oil with more additives will only pay more for an oil change.

Synthetic Oil Causes Engine Leaks

When synthetic motor oil was initially introduced, it spawned a few motor oil myths. Unfortunately, regardless of their accuracy, these falsehoods have persisted.

As a result, many drivers believe synthetic oil is slick and can potentially cause engines to leak. In reality, synthetic oils provide superior protection in high-temperature situations and are proven to protect your car’s engine.

If Your Motor Oil is Black, It Needs to Be Changed

When examining the dipstick, many people discover their oil has become black and believe it’s time to change it. While black engine oil can indicate worn engine oil, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should schedule an oil change immediately.

As many already know, motor oil has an amber color. However, when the oil is circulated throughout the engine, it will become tainted with dirt, turning it black. The black color simply indicates that your motor oil is doing its job.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change Today

Motor oil is possibly the most crucial aspect of your car’s maintenance and is responsible for ensuring the proper lubrication of your vehicle’s most critical components. Not only does it result in a smoother ride, but regular oil change decreases everyday wear and tear and prevents the possibility of your car failing when you need it most.

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