Four Reasons to Get an Oil Change

Why You Need Fluid Service

Your car’s maintenance items can add up. If the costs of vehicle ownership seem overwhelming, you might wonder what services are really necessary. The experts at K.A.R.S. in Alliance, Ohio want you to know that oil changes are important for your vehicle’s health. There are many reasons to continue your regular oil change schedule. Here are just a few!

Clean the Engine

Your engine needs clean motor oil to continue running its best. Changing out the oil removes contaminants that can degrade components and engine function. If you skip over oil changes, the dirt and grime that accumulates in the oil will build up in the engine, causing performance issues. Your engine might be sluggish or inefficient.


The main purpose of motor oil is to lubricate engine parts so that they don’t overheat. Engine overheating can cause severe damage that might require extensive, expensive repairs. Preventing it is simple! All you have to do is change the oil regularly to keep it clean and healthy. Additives that help lubrication wear out over time, so you need to keep the oil fresh to lubricate the engine.


When you don’t change the motor oil, it thickens and leaves build-ups of contaminants that cause performance issues. Your car might be sluggish, leaving you with less power on daily drives. You might also see higher spending at the pump because the engine will use more fuel to get going. Over time, skipping oil changes can decrease your engine’s performance and lifespan. You might need major engine repairs much sooner.

Better Engine Performance

Using a motor oil with helpful additives for your engine can help it perform better. If you have a car with high mileage, conditioners can provide added lubrication and protection. If you have a high-performance car, synthetic oil can help it achieve greater fuel efficiency or performance. To learn more about different oil types, talk to your technician!

Schedule your Service

Oil changes benefit your vehicle in many ways. Schedule your next service with K.A.R.S. in Alliance, Ohio. We are here to protect your engine!

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